UAB Coordination Office

The Universidade Aberta do Brasil (UAB) [Open University of Brazil] is a system of public higher education institutions – of which UFSC is part – focused on offering distance learning courses in articulation with municipal, state and federal spheres. To learn more, access the UAB website.

The responsibilities of the UAB Coordination Office at UFSC are:

  • coordinate the activities of the UAB courses offered by UFSC;
  • hold regular meetings with the course coordinators for the management of all operational academic activities;
  • monitor the application of financial resources released for the development and the provision of courses;
  • provide the accountability of resources released by the Ministry of Education (MEC);
  • carry out demands for the operationalization of UFSC’s distance learning courses;
  • perform other activities assigned by the Secretary of SEAD.

Coordinator: Fernando Ostuni Gauthier

Phone: +55 (48) 3721-6280