Fernando Ostuni Gauthier
Secretary for Distance Learning

The responsibilities of the Secretary for Distance Learning are:

  • coordinate the Office of Distance Learning;
  • promote institutional articulation between UFSC and external entities;
  • propose the signing of agreements and partnerships with public and private institutions whose interests are compatible with SEAD’s aims;
  • represent UFSC in the Distance Learning decision-making spheres;
  • assist the Prorectorates and Offices in planning the guidelines for promoting further training for UFSC staff;
  • propose rules and regulations related to Distance Learning;
  • assist and guide Heads of Departments and Coordinators of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs in the preparation and provision of professional training programs;
  • manage the material and financial resources derived from projects and funding agencies;
  • encourage SEAD’s research and outreach projects;
  • prepare SEAD’s strategic planning.