Ongoing projects

SEAD houses projects that combine educational technology use and social relevance. See the ongoing projects below.

ESCUTA [Listening] Couse – Integrated Care Strategies for Users of Alcohol and other Drugs

The ESCUTA [Listening] course: Integrated Care Strategies for Users of Alcohol and other Drugs aims at training health professionals in the use of integrated techniques for the care and treatment of users of alcohol and other drugs. It is promoted by the National Secretariat for Drug Policies of the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety (SENAD-MJSP) and executed by the Office of Distance Learning at UFSC (SEAD-UFSC).

For further information, click here.



Conhecendo a UFSC [Getting to know UFSC]

Conhecendo a UFSC [Getting to know UFSC] introduces information about Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) to Brazilian and international incoming students, concerning the university’s physical, organizational and support structure, through short videos made available online.

By using everyday media and technology, Conhecendo a UFSC allows incoming students to learn at any time and at any place what the institution has to offer to them, while also establishing a new way of integrating to the university community.

Check the project’s first video on Youtube here (English version).